My name is Mallory Nehlich, I am a twenty-something (okay 27) mental health counselor, turned fashion blog addict, and now amateur fashion blogger (of course, I am still a counselor by day). I live in a small, beachy town (at least during the summer months) in the northwest United States. Initially, I began slowly dipping my toe into fashion a couple years ago. I guess my interest began with J crew's "Style Guide" and snowballed after my first purchase of Vogue (September issue, 2011). I had heard a bit about fashion blogs through friends who also share a love of fashion, but I never actually looked into them. It wasn't until I happen to catch an episode of fashion police (almost a year ago) that featured Leandra Medine as a guest, that I finally took a genuine interest in fashion blogs. I googled "Man Repeller" and my obsession with fashion has progressed, unabated, ever since.

In regards to the title of my blog, it is a reference to a photograph I have re-created with two of my (gorgeous) best friends each time we have reunited in Seattle over the past 10 years.

between the blondes-facebook

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