Saturday, August 17, 2013

Casual look

Crop top (Topshop), shorts (American Apparel), trainers (Nike Free 3.0), rings (ASOS), lipstick (NARS-Fire Down Below)

If you are looking to attract a man, this is not the outfit for you.  My boyfriend would definitely classify this look as man repelling (thanks Leandra).  However, as I explained to one of my best friends recently, you can't be afraid to NOT be pretty.  Amidst a discussion about boyfriend jeans, I expressed that the goal is to be fashionable, not to be pretty.  Of course, I too have succumbed to my boyfriend's opinion.  There have been multiple occasions that I have come downstairs wearing an outfit that I am quite pleased with, only to receive the very subtle, Commodus-esque thumbs down, and I have promptly changed my outfit.  Not to imply that he isn't VERY supportive of my fashion exploits (he basically designed my entire blog); he just doesn't get the majority of my outfits.

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