Tuesday, September 17, 2013

French Inspiration

"...this your first trip to Paris?"
"Well, not if you include movies."

Bonjour!  With my upcoming trip to Paris rapidly approaching, I cannot contain my excitement.  Therefore, I decided to create a French-themed inspiration post (basically just pictures and images that remind me of the City of Lights). We've rented an apartment in Pigalle, and I plan to gorge myself on fromage the entire week.  I have been preparing myself for our journey by watching some of my favorite movies set in Paris (Midnight in Paris, Hotel Chevalier, Sabrina, Amelie-thanks Heather, Coco Before Chanel, etc.)  Unknowingly, I booked my trip during Paris Fashion Week, quite an amazing accident.  While I won't be able to attend any of "the shows," I do hope to spot at least one of the many fashion bloggers I follow in their natural habitat.

(Images: French ScrapbookThe Cherry Blossom GirlVogue & Paris Vogue, Arty FillesAnne Catherine FreyLa Modella MafiaThey All Hate UsOpaque GlitterVisual Optimism)


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