Sunday, November 17, 2013

For the Boys

Sometimes the guys need a little inspiration too.  While I doubt I have any male readers, I do know that women can exert a certain level of influence over their significant other's fashion choices.  Also, I just love to steal ideas from menswear.  Sadly, I cannot actually share clothes with my boyfriend, but I have on several occasions ordered the exact same items as him in smaller sizes.  Items I am currently eye-balling: J crew Macalister boots (my boyfriend has these in two colors), cashmere scarf, & mens-inspired Daniel Wellington watch.  Club Monaco also has some great options to steal from the guys.

(Images: Cup of CoupleI Am GallaScout SixteenThe Dandy Project, & J crew)


  1. Awesome post! Given me some great xmas present ideas!

  2. I am completely with you on this: borrowing from the boys is one of my personal mantras. I can't swap clothes with my hubby either, safe for the occasional shirt, but i certainly wish i could. All of these images are beautiful and provide incredible inspo!



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